Phillip Michael Scales Sun Goes Down – single 2020 Producer/Keys/Writer
Layton Sweet Surrender 2020 Producer/Bass/Guitar
Phillip Michael Scales To The Bone – single 2020 Producer/Keys
Dave Witcher Saga EP 2020 Bass
Carly Jamison Love Parade – single 2020 Producer/Bass
Netflix Original Series – AJ & The Queen Cards On The Table 2020 Producer/Bass
Foxtrot & The Get Down Monster – single 2020 Producer
Black Venus Dead Mans Blues 2020 Producer
Jackson Bruck & The Dukes Of Hume Lizzy Lizzy – single 2020 Producer/Bass
Gemini Man Film & Sound track Cards On The Table 2020 Producer/Bass
Dave Witcher TBA 2019 Bass
Mike Thomas Sure Feels Right 2019 Producer/Bass
Layton Lucky Ones  single 2019 Producer/Bass
Judy Lapetri Harbour Of Love 2019 Producer/Bass
Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume Already Gone 2019 Producer
Ashley Clark This Song 2019 Producer/Bass
Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume Next Friday Afternoon 2019 Producer
Ashley Clark Let Go 2019 Producer/Bass/BGVs
Layton TBA- EP 2018 Producer/Bass/Guitar/BGVs
Jackson Bruck Right Where I Want You 2018 Producer
Mike Thomas Band TBA – EP 2018 Producer
Black Venus Dead Man’s Blues 2018 Producer
Bearing Torches Liberty 2018 Producer
David Newbould Sin and Redemption 2018 Producer/Bass
Bearing Torches A Thousand Kisses Deep 2017 Producer/Co Producer
Colin Edward EP 2017 Producer/Bass/Writer
Billy Emmanuel Stand Up For America 2017 Producer/Bass
Carly Jamison Love Parade 2017 Producer/Bass
Katie Jones Light In My Eyes EP 2016 Producer/Bass
Foxtrot & The Get Down Just A Kid – single 2016 Producer
Foxtrot & The Get Down Road to Redemption 2015 Producer/Writer/Keys
Grace Church Hymns of Him Vol. 1 2015 Producer/Bass
Wild Ponies Radiant 2015 Producer
Carly Jamison Dynamo EP 2015 Producer/Bass
Foxtrot & The Get Down Black Coffee EP 2015 Producer/Writer/Keys
Brett R. Stewart Go EP 2015 Producer/Bass
Bearing Torches Somewhere Like America 2015 Producer/Keys
Wild Ponies Born With A Broken Heart – single 2015 Producer
Kylie Rothfiled Like You Should 2014 Producer/Writer
Deering and Down Sheet Rockin 2014 Producer/Bass
Carly Jamsion Christmas EP 2014 Producer
Secret Club Apocalypse Meow 2014 Producer
Dennis Davis Last Song Of The Summer 2014 Producer/Bass
David Newbould The Devil Is His Name 2014 Producer/Co-Producer
Kylie Rothfield Not Gonna Cry Anymore 2014 Writer
Seth Glier Helium Hearts 2014 Writer
Christian Lopez Let Go 2014 Writer
Sea Knight Where Are You 2013 Producer
Cardboard Kids Echo Boomer 2013 Producer/Writer/Bass
Restavrant Sawdust & Seathorns 2013 Producer
Rockabilly High School Rockabilly H.S. Soundtrack 2013 Producer/Writer/Bass
Carly Jamison UnGrounded 2013 Producer/Writer/Bass
Melissa Montgomery Stubborn Hearts 2012 Producer/Writer/Bass
The Cold Stares A Cold Wet Night And A Howling Wind 2012 Producer/Co-Producer
Clint Woosley Clint Woosley 2012 Producer/Writer
Jason Keary Kendal e.p. 2012 Bass
Noelle Larae Noelle Larae 2011 Producer/Writer
Stone Senate Stone Senate 2011 Mixer
The Cold Stares Mouthful of Dirty Looks 2011 Producer
Restavrant Hill Grass Blue Billy Compilation 2010 Producer
Black Girls In Space M.V.P. 2010 Producer/Bass/Writer
Tyler Hayes Bloom 2010 Producer/Bass/Writer
Carly Jamison Everything Happens For a Reason 2010 Producer/Bass Player
Brett Ryan Stewart Tilt 2010 Producer/Bass Player
Layton Two Songs 2009 Producer
James Dunn The Long Ride Home 2007 Producer/Bass Player
Robin Lore Fickle Girl 2007 Producer/Writer
Heidi Schwartz Firefighter 2006 Producer/Bass Player
CBS Theme For Still Standing 2006 Bass player/Vocals
Silvergirl Hello, Hello 2006 Producer/Writer
Will Hoge Blackbird On A Lonely Wire (Atlantic) 2003 Bass Player
Will Hoge Carousel (Atlantic) 2001 Bass Player/Writer
Hurricane Mills Hurricane Mills EP 2001 Producer/Bass Player
Will Hoge Aware Compilation, Vol. 8 2001 Bass Player
Eighty Katie Launch Pad Rock 2001 Producer
Will Hoge Live At The Exit In 2000 Bass Player/Writer
Bomb Pops Bomb Pops 2000 Bass Player/Writer
The Vegas Cocks Vegas Cocks 1999 Producer/Bass/Writer